Oh Baby, it’s a Wild World

Yesterday, March 28, 2020, was Miss Maddison Beatrice Raimer’s BIRTH day. She is one of 350,000 babies who were born on this planet yesterday. I would have been there for her mom and dad if current public health circumstances were not otherwise throwing a wrench into every day life. My good friend Laurie, Miss Maddison’s Grammie, was unable to be with her own daughter due to the COVID 19 restrictions. She did, however, receive a play by play from her son-in-law Chad.

Miss Maddison’s mom, Kennedy, endured 50 hours of labor. Yep. Maddie was quite happy in her mom’s belly. My personal opinion, she was making a point by exhibiting to her parents the stubborn streak she inherited from her mother’s side of the family. As she gets older, we will treat this trait as a positive; perhaps the better word is tenacious. She will need some tenacity to conquer this world!

And conquer she will. I have no doubt. The perfect storm that brought Kennedy and Chad together has yielded a prodigy the world has been clamoring for.

I can say this because, even though I’m not blood related, I consider myself her crazy Aunt.

In 2012, as I pursued my nursing degree, my friend Laurie offered me a place to stay. In return, I became the step mom to Izzy and Bailey, because Mama Goose needed some help-I dog and house sat on the weekends. In between, I tried to stay out of the way. But fate had other plans. Eventually I sort of morphed into this weird cousin in the spare bedroom who always had a bag of dark chocolate raisinet’s on her nightstand and three dogs at her knee.

Izzy & Bailey

Kennedy was in high school at the time. I watched her play basketball, shopped for homecoming dresses with her, and tried to impart a little wisdom, maybe more like life experience, to her. She had already met Chad and was very much in love. I enjoyed my time with my Berkshire family and look back on it with a grateful heart. I especially liked using the riding lawn mower as Izzy, Bailey and Mama Goose traipsed behind me. Laurie and her family brought a sense of belonging and normalcy to my life when I was in sore need of it.

Yesterday, as I awaited news of Miss Maddison’s arrival, I was finishing a long overdue paint project. As is my custom, I turned on Pandora. Two songs from that session stuck out. As I was walking Aggie this morning, it occurred to me why these two songs resonate within me and continue to play on repeat in my head. My Life – past, present and future.

If you knew me, you would know I was a country girl before country was cool. My main squeeze is the King of Country, George Strait. Following close on his heels is Dierks Bentley. His album Riser continues to comfort and steel me. Last year DB released The Mountain. Honestly, I have slowly been immersing myself in his newer music. By chance, his song Living came on.

Last May, at a job interview, I was asked what my personal mission statement was. I seriously was at a lost on that one. As I drove home, I ruminated on this question. What is my personal mission statement? I took an afternoon and scribbled my thoughts in my notebook. Here is what I decided, “I want to positively impact this world. I choose to be grateful for all that life has given me. I strive to be present and live in each moment every day.”

Hearing Dierks Bentley at that moment was no coincidence.

Even though I was listening to the Dierks Bentley station on Pandora, another artist I am increasingly drawn to, Kip Moore came on. Not for the reasons I was initially drawn to him for-I mean seriously, look at him; but once you listen to his music, I mean really listen to his lyrics, you will understand why this guy is amazing. I am very thankful to have been able to see him twice last year. His acoustic story telling show at a small venue in Connecticut was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Kip Moore released his new song, “Wild World” this past week. Kip defines the word cool. He does not follow the pop country star script. He does it his way. And his fans are thankful he does.

Chad & Kennedy

I’ve listened to Wild World quite a few times since its release. The song inspired me to imagine a conversation like this with Miss Maddie in the future:

Miss Maddie I wish you adventure, love, dreams that lead to new discoveries, patience, kindness, wide open spaces, not so stormy seas, joy, peace, lifelong health, support and so much more.

And know today, March 29, 2020, you brought peace and love to my heart and a quiet to my soul. Just as I am for your mama and your grandma, I’ll be here for you.

Now, go wash your hands.

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