Small Business, Big Impact

Many of us have been struggling with the best way to support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.  We buy gift cards, eat take-out, participate in raffles and shop locally when we can.  We all know someone impacted by the essential services work order. Right about now is when I would bring the lawn mowerContinue reading “Small Business, Big Impact”

Thursday’s Tones

No fooling, we’ve got some great local artists to feature today and two national recording artists. Let’s set the tone with Vicky St. Pierre and Brian Chicoine, from the Brian and Vicky Show. Songwriter John Prine is in critical condition, suffering from complications from COVID-19. John is a Grammy award winning American Country Folk songContinue reading “Thursday’s Tones”

Tuesday’s Tune’s

March 31, 2020 Joe Fazio from Trailer Trash singing a little Kenny Rogers. Joe recorded this on March 29, 2020. Next up, let’s check out a national artist, a favorite of my dad’s, Garth Brooks. This is the second time Garth and Trisha Yearwood have taken requests on Facebook. I expect we’ll hear more fromContinue reading “Tuesday’s Tune’s”

Donate Blood in Western MA

March 31, 2020 By Sharon Leary The need for blood is constant. Even during the current COVID 19 public health crisis, blood is needed for many procedures and therapies. Cardiac surgeries, organ transplants and platelet transfusions for cancer patients are just some of the reasons we are in constant need of blood. Here’s what youContinue reading “Donate Blood in Western MA”

Oh Baby, it’s a Wild World

Yesterday, March 28, 2020, was Miss Maddison Beatrice Raimer’s BIRTH day. She is one of 350,000 babies who were born on this planet yesterday. I would have been there for her mom and dad if current public health circumstances were not otherwise throwing a wrench into every day life. My good friend Laurie, Miss Maddison’sContinue reading “Oh Baby, it’s a Wild World”